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5 Types Of Prayers

5 Types Of Prayers published on No Comments on 5 Types Of Prayers

What I think of all the different types of religions in the world that offer prayer as a dedication to their God I kind of have to question myself and wonder what are the different types of prayers. In my mind I have to think there’s quite a few different types but some very key importance. I have to think as a parent the types of things that I pray for when I do pray I pray for peace specifically in my own Family. I believe the prayers of protection are universally something that are offered all over the world. No matter if you’re a Muslim, I do, or any other type of religion under the sun. The universal condition of man requires us to believe in something higher than ourselves. By offering prayer to our God we believe that we somehow stay in relationship and cover ourselves with the protection of whatever God you choose. This is a weird exercise for someone that was raised as a Christian and never thought to really think about other religions and how they affect my life. The truth is by thinking outside of the box by thinking about other religions we try closer to our own religion. Why? Because you’re able to really truly question your own thought process and if it makes sense for that doesn’t make sense. Does dropping a bomb on oneself and walking into a room full of Christian make sense? Does your God Advocate violence I myself know that I had to keep violence. So if I had to do this world alone without my God in without my ability to pray I just don’t know if I could do it successfully. Because I do know that I have picked up her life and I do know that I’ve also dropped it. But what I do know is I always come back to the thing that gives me peace. Praying for me has been something that has helped. Never has it been a crush on my life like some would make you believe has been something that has helped. Never has it been a crush on my life like some would make you believe. Being propped up being in the right mental state and having the right attitude is certainly the right way to be.


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