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Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You?

Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You? published on No Comments on Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You?

You know I can’t help but think of those movies where the guy pulls out a gun and sticks it in the face of someone and says say your prayers sucker! You know obviously this is a great time to pray however, is Prairie life that’s that we wear sometimes? I’ll personally for myself this is been so true. I forget to pray for the most important things that come across in my life on a daily basis. Prayer for things like safe drive. God protect me while I drive down the road and keep my family safe. Keep cars and far away from my family and safety around those that I’m around. These simple life-saving prayers could be the difference between life and death. You wonder why sometimes you wait at a stoplight or cross-section just a little too long to drive down the road in this an accident by 10 seconds. In our hustle and bustle throughout life we need to remember that we are right where we belong. It’s so difficult for me sometimes to capture this very important life lesson. I feel like the driving force that pushes my life for the only two things between keeping me sane and keeping me grounded. By focusing on what I can’t control it’s pure stupidity and I know it. Often I have to give up things and put them on a Shelf. By not worrying about them and by praying for them it often helps keep my head clear and clutter-free. I have found that during the times that I don’t look at prayer like a life a stray bullet proof vest keep me informed if I prayed for sometimes the most mundane things it gives me a sense of peace and ease. I don’t know if you were married if your divorced or have friends but any bit of friendship or relationship you have this next lesson will make some sense. If you had a friend and never asked for anything unless it was a crisis what kind of a friend what kind of response what kind of an expectation should you have? You know I do understand the basic philosophy of keeping your friends close to you and talking to them and making sure that you’re in a relationship with them.

Another words how can you ask for anything from someone if you don’t have a relationship with him first? Prayer for me is very personal living out this blog is very uncomfortable for me. Please join me in trying to feel your way through some very uncomfortable issues that I myself struggle with. I will try to be as transparent as possible throughout my blog in fact the point of true fault. If you are someone that struggles with transparency or struggles with spiritual things this blog might be a little bit and lightning for you. As I plan to really talk about the things that stress me worried and concerned me. However I hope that this particular exercise and talking about prayer will lead to some positive outcomes in my own life.


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