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The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again

The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again published on No Comments on The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again

I personally will never be able to forget the prayer that I had in my heart and in my mind when I flew out of Cherry Hill North Carolina In mid 2005. On my way at 20,000 feet I looked at the East Coast for what I thought could be the very last time. In my heart I felt the prayer that I was praying could be one of the last times that I prayed on American soil. Although I was at 27000 feet I prayed as I flew and soul the East Coast disappear underneath the left wing what we think. I pray to God if this is the last time that I see my home alive I just want to be right with you. I resolved in a prayer God if I die that’s okay I love my family I’ll do whatever I have to do to take care of them. This prayer I pray also seems to give me a sense of calmness after I’m done. I felt as if whatever unfinished business I had I took care of it with the big man upstairs. Saying to him that if this is my last time to be on this Earth to see what I’m saying that it’s okay and thank you for my life. I really feel that that was the first time I ever really communicated with my Creator in a way that I wasn’t under an immediate threat but under an appreciation of knowing that everything I had up until that point was given to me my last breath my last meal my last sight of the Sun and sunset that night. I saw that it was going to be okay. All I wanted was to jet back to my family and normal job doing  heating repair Bettendorf Iowa in on piece. I am so grateful with everything I have and accomplished.  I’m one of the lucky ones.





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