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Where do your prayers go?

Where do your prayers go? published on No Comments on Where do your prayers go?

I can’t say I really have an answer for this. It bothers me to no end to be able to not be able to grasp where my prayers actually go. Are these letters to Santa Claus? It’s got a giant good time that is there to make sure we get what we want? Who is God? With all the different religions in the world that still practice prayer I think we need to have a real look at what prayer is. Prayer seems to be a dedication and Devotion to one Singularity of thought. If we look at the Muslim religion we see people that go to print out a couple of times maybe three times. This act of prayer not only physically but mentally seems to unify the Muslim religion. During this blog I would like to explore deep prayer effects religions around the world. By having an icon by having a focus it seems to unify a group or a collective. it is a force that can be used for it is a force that can be used for Natalie good but also made me wonder if religion is good has been some false Idols like men that have invoked the name of the Lord and used it like false Idols like men that have invoked the name of the Lord and used it like sheep invoked the name Hope the Lord trying to invoke a emotional and spiritual response while manipulating the masses. Manipulation through religion is real. As I am currently driving down the road I am on Interstate 35 just 40 miles south of a town called Waco Texas I can honestly recall the day that the standoff took place in Waco with the religious extremists David koresh. Here is an example of a man that built himself up and made people believe through religion and the unification of prayer life that he was the in fact prophet of Jesus here on Earth. Prayer is very personal Prayer is very personal those people that are false idols and false prophets will try to manipulate others in a collective environment through extemporaneous speech and prayer. Prayer being as personal as it is is a type of brainwashing when used by a man that has evil intent. It’s strange to me to be so close to a place like Waco Texas and be thinking about the manipulation that a man like that it done. His manipulation killed several innocent people. that unification through prayer is an absolute powerful drug that you must not undermine its strength. Imagine the Muslims that prayed before they strap the bomb on and then walked into a market in Baghdad killing 5100 people. They were not on drugs. Prayer can be a unifying drug that drives people to accomplish whatever goal they may have. Although prayer has so many positive overtones. It’s interesting to look at it from a different perspective.


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