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The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again

The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again published on No Comments on The Prayer I Never Want to Pray Again

I personally will never be able to forget the prayer that I had in my heart and in my mind when I flew out of Cherry Hill North Carolina In mid 2005. On my way at 20,000 feet I looked at the East Coast for what I thought could be the very last time. In my heart I felt the prayer that I was praying could be one of the last times that I prayed on American soil. Although I was at 27000 feet I prayed as I flew and soul the East Coast disappear underneath the left wing what we think. I pray to God if this is the last time that I see my home alive I just want to be right with you. I resolved in a prayer God if I die that’s okay I love my family I’ll do whatever I have to do to take care of them. This prayer I pray also seems to give me a sense of calmness after I’m done. I felt as if whatever unfinished business I had I took care of it with the big man upstairs. Saying to him that if this is my last time to be on this Earth to see what I’m saying that it’s okay and thank you for my life. I really feel that that was the first time I ever really communicated with my Creator in a way that I wasn’t under an immediate threat but under an appreciation of knowing that everything I had up until that point was given to me my last breath my last meal my last sight of the Sun and sunset that night. I saw that it was going to be okay. All I wanted was to jet back to my family and normal job doing  heating repair Bettendorf Iowa in on piece. I am so grateful with everything I have and accomplished.  I’m one of the lucky ones.





5 Types Of Prayers

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What I think of all the different types of religions in the world that offer prayer as a dedication to their God I kind of have to question myself and wonder what are the different types of prayers. In my mind I have to think there’s quite a few different types but some very key importance. I have to think as a parent the types of things that I pray for when I do pray I pray for peace specifically in my own Family. I believe the prayers of protection are universally something that are offered all over the world. No matter if you’re a Muslim, I do, or any other type of religion under the sun. The universal condition of man requires us to believe in something higher than ourselves. By offering prayer to our God we believe that we somehow stay in relationship and cover ourselves with the protection of whatever God you choose. This is a weird exercise for someone that was raised as a Christian and never thought to really think about other religions and how they affect my life. The truth is by thinking outside of the box by thinking about other religions we try closer to our own religion. Why? Because you’re able to really truly question your own thought process and if it makes sense for that doesn’t make sense. Does dropping a bomb on oneself and walking into a room full of Christian make sense? Does your God Advocate violence I myself know that I had to keep violence. So if I had to do this world alone without my God in without my ability to pray I just don’t know if I could do it successfully. Because I do know that I have picked up her life and I do know that I’ve also dropped it. But what I do know is I always come back to the thing that gives me peace. Praying for me has been something that has helped. Never has it been a crush on my life like some would make you believe has been something that has helped. Never has it been a crush on my life like some would make you believe. Being propped up being in the right mental state and having the right attitude is certainly the right way to be.


Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You?

Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You? published on No Comments on Is Prayer Life a Life Vest For You?

You know I can’t help but think of those movies where the guy pulls out a gun and sticks it in the face of someone and says say your prayers sucker! You know obviously this is a great time to pray however, is Prairie life that’s that we wear sometimes? I’ll personally for myself this is been so true. I forget to pray for the most important things that come across in my life on a daily basis. Prayer for things like safe drive. God protect me while I drive down the road and keep my family safe. Keep cars and far away from my family and safety around those that I’m around. These simple life-saving prayers could be the difference between life and death. You wonder why sometimes you wait at a stoplight or cross-section just a little too long to drive down the road in this an accident by 10 seconds. In our hustle and bustle throughout life we need to remember that we are right where we belong. It’s so difficult for me sometimes to capture this very important life lesson. I feel like the driving force that pushes my life for the only two things between keeping me sane and keeping me grounded. By focusing on what I can’t control it’s pure stupidity and I know it. Often I have to give up things and put them on a Shelf. By not worrying about them and by praying for them it often helps keep my head clear and clutter-free. I have found that during the times that I don’t look at prayer like a life a stray bullet proof vest keep me informed if I prayed for sometimes the most mundane things it gives me a sense of peace and ease. I don’t know if you were married if your divorced or have friends but any bit of friendship or relationship you have this next lesson will make some sense. If you had a friend and never asked for anything unless it was a crisis what kind of a friend what kind of response what kind of an expectation should you have? You know I do understand the basic philosophy of keeping your friends close to you and talking to them and making sure that you’re in a relationship with them.

Another words how can you ask for anything from someone if you don’t have a relationship with him first? Prayer for me is very personal living out this blog is very uncomfortable for me. Please join me in trying to feel your way through some very uncomfortable issues that I myself struggle with. I will try to be as transparent as possible throughout my blog in fact the point of true fault. If you are someone that struggles with transparency or struggles with spiritual things this blog might be a little bit and lightning for you. As I plan to really talk about the things that stress me worried and concerned me. However I hope that this particular exercise and talking about prayer will lead to some positive outcomes in my own life.


Where do your prayers go?

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I can’t say I really have an answer for this. It bothers me to no end to be able to not be able to grasp where my prayers actually go. Are these letters to Santa Claus? It’s got a giant good time that is there to make sure we get what we want? Who is God? With all the different religions in the world that still practice prayer I think we need to have a real look at what prayer is. Prayer seems to be a dedication and Devotion to one Singularity of thought. If we look at the Muslim religion we see people that go to print out a couple of times maybe three times. This act of prayer not only physically but mentally seems to unify the Muslim religion. During this blog I would like to explore deep prayer effects religions around the world. By having an icon by having a focus it seems to unify a group or a collective. it is a force that can be used for it is a force that can be used for Natalie good but also made me wonder if religion is good has been some false Idols like men that have invoked the name of the Lord and used it like false Idols like men that have invoked the name of the Lord and used it like sheep invoked the name Hope the Lord trying to invoke a emotional and spiritual response while manipulating the masses. Manipulation through religion is real. As I am currently driving down the road I am on Interstate 35 just 40 miles south of a town called Waco Texas I can honestly recall the day that the standoff took place in Waco with the religious extremists David koresh. Here is an example of a man that built himself up and made people believe through religion and the unification of prayer life that he was the in fact prophet of Jesus here on Earth. Prayer is very personal Prayer is very personal those people that are false idols and false prophets will try to manipulate others in a collective environment through extemporaneous speech and prayer. Prayer being as personal as it is is a type of brainwashing when used by a man that has evil intent. It’s strange to me to be so close to a place like Waco Texas and be thinking about the manipulation that a man like that it done. His manipulation killed several innocent people. that unification through prayer is an absolute powerful drug that you must not undermine its strength. Imagine the Muslims that prayed before they strap the bomb on and then walked into a market in Baghdad killing 5100 people. They were not on drugs. Prayer can be a unifying drug that drives people to accomplish whatever goal they may have. Although prayer has so many positive overtones. It’s interesting to look at it from a different perspective.


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