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What this Blog is About

This blog is designed to explore for life in my own personal life and those around me. Question, that I’ve often wondered about has been does prayer matter? By saying words while meditating on a specific thought this really change things around me? Prayer for me has been something that I have picked up and put down several times during my life. Driven to pray. It’s a sad thing for me to have to be this honest and say that prayer has been something that’s been a part of my life much more in the past than it has been in present times. It seems to me that I have grown a more callous attitude towards prayer life the older that I’ve got. Believing that words that I speak somehow manifest through thin air and become what I wanted to become seems a little strange and odd to me. However, this prayer block is one that is subject to change because I do understand that the thoughts and medications that we spend our time consumed with you in fact, have something to do with our car real life turns out. Prayer for me as a child began in my bed at night with my mother and my father. Growing up in a home that was a Conservative Christian prayer was just a part of our everyday life. Wake me up and frame for breakfast lunch and dinner this was just a normal part of our daily life. When I dissect what those prayers were about specifically for Thanksgiving of food it is certainly a good thing to be thankful for what you have. Growing up in a Church of the Nazarene in a very conservative home I learned that prayer was just a normal part of starting any church worship service. Aside from how we started our church service we often pray in between and of course to end and go in peace prayer was always offered before we left. I don’t know what it is about prayer perhaps it’s the idea that you’re concentrating on one or a unified thought that helps create a sense of community and often use the dial forward. One of the things that I have been most interested in is how we keep our attitudes. Prayer is truly no different than that it seems to be that you’re focused on a particular problem and looking for a solution. In this blog, I will discuss openly and honestly my own personal gains and losses through struggles and understanding how prayer life has affected my own personal life on a daily basis.

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